The Reasons Why Goldco and Lear Capital Are Not the Same

Financial markets' instability has long led investors to search for safer investment alternatives. Precious metals like gold and silver have long been seen as safe havens during times of economic instability; hence their increasing popularity with investors as an investment option. Goldco and Lear Capital are two leaders in this space offering various products and services designed to diversify portfolios with precious metals; in this article we compare their services, fees, products offered as well as customer reviews in order to assess which one may best meet investors' investment requirements.


Goldco is one of the premier providers of precious metal IRAs and helps investors convert existing IRAs or 401(k)s to self-directed accounts that allow investment in gold and other precious metals. Established in 2006, they specialize in helping clients roll over existing accounts into self-directed IRAs for use as investments in these precious metals.

Lear Capital was established in 1997, serving the precious metals investment community ever since. They specialize in precious metal IRAs as well as direct sales of physical precious metals.

Products and Services Offered

Goldco: Gold and Silver IRAs provide customers with access to invest their gold and silver directly through self-directed IRAs; Direct Precious Metal Sales offer physical gold and silver for direct purchase by customers.

Educational Resources: Offers educational tools to assist investors with understanding the precious metals market.

Lear Capital: Gold, Silver & Other Precious Metal IRAs (including Platinum and Palladium).

Direct Precious Metal Sales: Physical precious metals available for direct purchase. Precise Price Tracker: An online tool which monitors real-time precious metal prices in real time. Educational resources are provided.

Lear Capital charges setup fees, annual maintenance fees and storage fees but may incur additional charges as well as potential additional service charges.

Reviews and Ratings

Customer Reviews for both services tend to be positive: Lear Capital has generally negative customer reviews while Goldco has more generally favorable ones.


Goldco and Lear Capital are both established companies serving thousands of investors in the precious metals market, but one may prefer one over the other in terms of fees transparency, customer reviews and selection - Goldco may lead in those categories, yet Lear Capital boasts more products such as platinum and palladium to choose from.

Before investing, it's essential that you assess both your goals and risk tolerance before making a decision. Speak with a financial advisor as well as conducting thorough research into both companies to see which fits better for you. Click here to learn more.